Our campaign labels are in the finals in the category "Best seasonal packaging" in an international design competition.

Sprudge is recognized as the world's most popular coffee publication and a global meeting place for the coffee world. This year, they wanted to honor the best packaging in the coffee industry and created the Sprudge Design Awards.

Our labels from this year's winter, summer and fall campaigns have been voted as 1 of 5 finalists in the category "Outstanding Packaging, Seasonal or Limited Edition".

Honoring the Norwegian landscape

For these campaigns, our graphic designer Benedicte Torvik has designed labels that reflect the beautiful Norwegian landscape. From north to south, from east to west. From cold winter mornings to warm summer nights.

- "The design of the winter coffees reflects a journey through the Norwegian landscape, from ice skating in the lowlands, traditional cod fishing along the Norwegian coast to nights under the stars in the clear winter night," says Benedicte.

- For the summer, we wanted to create a design that reflects a typical Norwegian summer. What is Norwegian summer to you? Is it fresh sea air along the coast, warm summer days on the beach, long fields and flower meadows, or the legendary midnight sun?

Autumn is the time of harvest in Norway and the fall campaign differs somewhat from winter and summer.

- "For this campaign, we wanted to honor our coffee farmers by drawing a parallel between harvesting in Norway and harvesting coffee in the country of origin," explains Benedicte.

Help us with your voice!

We are very proud to be selected from over 100 nominees by the renowned Sprudge, and to be voted by the people to reach the top 5 in the final. Now we need the people's help again to compete in the tough international competition.

In Norway, Solberg & Hansen is both the largest and oldest specialty coffee roaster, but on an international scale, we are still quite small.

Therefore, we hope you will help us by voting for Solberg & Hansen under the category "Outstanding Packaging, Seasonal or Limited Edition" on Sprudge.com.

Voting will continue until Monday, November 27.