Our courses

Barista 1

01.08 - 07.11

For Solberg & Hansen's corporate customers. The course provides a basic introduction to the espresso machine and teaches you how to brew good espresso drinks with and without milk.

Tea course

26.09 - 14.11

For Solberg & Hansen's corporate customers. We taste our way through the world of tea and get to know Camellia Sinensis - the origin of all true tea.

Latte art

15.08 - 24.10

For Solberg & Hansen's corporate customers. Learn the art of Latte Art so that you can offer an espresso menu with great milk drinks; both in terms of appearance and taste.

Work coffee - Dalla Corte Espresso machine

Barista 2


For Solberg & Hansen's corporate customers. The course is for experienced baristas who want to immerse themselves in the espresso profession, including weight distribution between coffee and water, brewing temperatures, milk steaming and latte art.

Illustration image for Kaffekurs in Mathallen Oslo

Coffee courses - for individuals and larger groups

01.01 - 31.12

Coffee courses for individuals, groups of friends, companies and larger groups. Brew, taste and learn about coffee in our concept store in Mathallen Oslo. We also hold the same type of course in tea if you wish.


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Mocha pot

Brewing guide

Sowden Softbrew

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Brewing guide

Kalita Wave

Brewing guide

Coffee maker