Latte art

27.08 - 22.10

For Solberg & Hansen's corporate customers. Learn the art of Latte Art so that you can offer an espresso menu with great milk drinks; both in terms of appearance and taste.

This is a course for customers with experience and knowledge of coffee, who have already completed Barista 1. Learn the art of steaming milk to the perfect fullness and consistency so that you can make your milk drinks even better; both in terms of appearance and taste.

  • The course is only for Solberg & Hansen's corporate customers/dealers.
  • Course participants must have completed Barista 1 at least 3 months before enrolling in Latte Art.
  • Each company can register up to two people for this course during the half-year (contact your salesperson if you want courses for more people). If you are registering two people, you can fill in the form twice so that we get the full name and contact information for both.
  • Remember to enter your customer number.
  • The course is held in our course rooms attached to the distillery at Ryen in Oslo and lasts 3 hours.
  • The registration deadline is the last Friday before the course is held.
  • We handle course registrations on an ongoing basis, and once you have been accepted, you will receive a written course confirmation by email.
  • NB! The course is held in Norwegian. Please contact us if you want a course in English.

Registration: See overview of course dates below. Remember to enter your customer number.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or write in the comments field when you sign up.

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