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Since 1879 Solberg & Hansen has travelled the world in search of the best coffees. We have an incredible range of coffee in our portfolio, from popular classics and artisan blends to small exclusive micro-lots, and unique processing. Solberg & Hansen primarily supply Norwegian and global coffee shops, restaurants, and bakeries, and we offer international shipping.


For consumers

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For wholesale

Are you looking for the best coffee to brew for your customers in your coffee shop, bakery, restaurant or shop? If you choose us as your roastery you will gain access to a large selection of freshly roasted, high quality speciality coffees.


We can offer:
• An incredible range of coffee, from classics and artisan blends to small exclusive micro-lots.
• Freshly roasted coffee. We always roast on order.
• Shipment every business day (Mon-Fri). Your order will be processed within 5 business days.
• Shipping with DHL Express.
• Minimum order quantity: 10 kilograms of coffee.


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  • Type of business (e.g. café, restaurant)
  • Estimated montly purchase (min. order 10 kgs)
  • Are you interested in retail or bulk packaging?
  • Do you look for a steady supplier or to use us as a guest roastery?