From aluminum and plastic to 100% biodegradable packaging. Our pyramid tea bags have undergone a sustainability journey in recent years.

In recent years, we have worked hard to reduce unnecessary packaging and the use of disposable plastic. The biggest change has been the pyramid tea bags. Plastic-free tea bags are just as suitable and allow us to cut down significantly on the use of plastic.

The pyramid bags, which were previously stored in aluminum and plastic packaging, have now become 100% biodegradable. Both the envelope and the pyramid bag are made from biodegradable material.

Paper and cornstarch

The pyramid bag itself, which may look like plastic at first glance, is actually made from cornstarch. So is the thread and the little tag is made of biodegradable paper. The envelope and boxes they come in are made of paper. In addition, we have removed unnecessary packaging in the shipping.

So despite the fact that a pyramid bag of tea has more packaging than, for example, loose tea, this is 100% biodegradable waste and in many municipalities can be disposed of in the food waste. Check if this applies to your municipality before disposing of the tea bag.

Best sellers in a pyramid bag

You'll find our five most popular teas in pyramid bags, which are perfect for when you only want one cup of tea. In the pyramid bag, you'll find both black and green teas, as well as two fruit favorites. The tea in the pyramid bags is more finely chopped than in our loose tea bags to extract the best possible flavors.

Follow the brewing guide on the back of the envelope and note that green tea in particular must be brewed with a lower water temperature.

All pyramid bags with tea can be found in the online store here.