In our SPOR coffee series, you'll find coffee lots that focus on the story behind the coffee. Here you'll find coffee with a unique story that adds something extra to the surrounding community.

These are coffee batches that leave a lasting impression. At Solberg & Hansen, we believe that coffee should not only taste good, it should do good. Consideration for nature, the environment, the coffee farmers and their families is an important part of our work. You as a coffee drinker also play an important role here. Together, we contribute to predictability and create security for entire communities.

By choosing coffee from this range, you're making a difference. Thank you for caring!

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A classic SPOR coffee: Ethiopia - Tade

Solberg & Hansen has been working with Tade and coffee farmer Tesfaye Bekele Degaga in Ethiopia for 13 years. Because the farm is privately owned, it has been possible to create close and good relationships with Tade.

This has given us a unique opportunity to follow everything from picking to processing in one of Ethiopia's best coffee districts, Guji. Through Tade, we can offer a coffee that combines the flavors and character of the area with the high quality that comes with conscious and careful production.

Tesfaye has an above-average concern for the environment, and not least how nature affects the beans he grows. That's why he preserves the original tree species and soils associated with his coffee plants. We have been trading with Tesfaye since he started producing specialty coffee, and over the years we have expanded this collaboration.

With knowledge of nature and passion for coffee production, we know that Tesfaye can deliver quality coffee from Tade for many years to come - delicious coffee that is light, fresh and citrusy, just as we know good coffee from Ethiopia.

That's why Ethiopia - Tade is a SPOR coffee.

Sustainable SPOR in India

Solberg & Hansen has been buying coffee from Merthi Mountain for over 20 years. It's not without reason. On the lush slopes at the foot of Merthi Mountain, they work hard to produce top-class Indian coffee.

Merthi Mountain winds along the slopes of Merthi Peak in southwest India. The coffee trees reach up to 1400 meters above sea level, which is high for India. Combined with a careful and quality-conscious approach to growing and processing, this makes Merthi Mountain a coffee producer far above the Indian average.

Roshin Varghese took over the farm from his father in 2017. With knowledge and ownership of the entire value chain - from cultivation, through processing to storage - we can trust Roshin to deliver the highest quality Indian coffee every single year.

That's why India - Merthi Mountain is a SPOR coffee.