Homemade iced tea is easy to make and perfect to serve. Here you'll find our best recipes for iced tea from fruit teas, black teas and delicate teas such as white and green tea.

Recipe: Iced fruit tea (1 liter)

This basic recipe is easy to remember and not least easy to make. You get 1 liter of ready-made iced tea and when you use a disposable tea bag made of sustainable paper, you don't have to strain the tea. Watch the video for instructions.

Almost all of our fruit teas can be brewed as iced tea, but we especially recommend our summer teas. You can find all our fruit teas here.

Here's what you need:
- 35 g tea

- 20 g sugar (can be omitted)
- 6 dl freshly boiled water
- 400 g ice cubes

Recipe: Black tea iced tea

If you want an iced tea made from a pure black tea, this is a good basic recipe. For this one, we've used the Chinese tea Keemun as a starting point.

Recipe for 1 liter of iced tea:
- 24 g tea
- 20 g sugar (can be omitted)
- 6 dl freshly boiled water
- 400 g ice cubes

Watch a video on how to brew iced tea with a press pot.

The amount of sugar can be adjusted. The iced tea also tastes good with a little citrus.

The black teas we recommend as iced tea can be found in this list.

Recipe: Iced fruit tea (1.2 liters)

This is a larger iced tea recipe that's great for brewing with our glass teapot and serving in a larger carafe.

- 42 g tea
- 24 g sugar (can be omitted)
- 7 dl freshly boiled water
- 500 g ice cubes

You can use any of our fruit teas for this recipe. See which teas we recommend here.