A classic cup of black tea that tastes great with breakfast. It's what most people associate with Earl Grey, but the tea blend doesn't get its name for nothing.

Most people know Earl Grey as a black tea blend infused with bergamot, but few know that it was originally former British Prime Minister Charles Grey's father, Lord Earl Grey, who first blended black tea with bergamot.

According to the Greys, the tea was specially made by a Chinese tea maker to harmonize with the water in the family's home, Howick Hall. The bergamot oil balanced out the high calcium content of the water and made the tea more flavorful. During Charles Grey's premiership, the tea blend was used when the Greys hosted political gatherings and quickly became very popular.

Portrait of former British Prime Minister Charles Grey, Earl Grey's son.
Portrait of former British Prime Minister Charles Grey, son of Earl Grey. Photo: National Portrait Gallery London

Today, Earl Grey is best known as the classic black tea you can get almost anywhere in the world. Many people drink a cup of Earl Grey for breakfast or during the workday.

At Solberg & Hansen, you can get Earl Grey in several different varieties: Three types of black tea and, new from fall 2023, a separate Earl Grey of green tea. All are based on tea leaves infused with bergamot, but the more special varieties such as Earl Grey Blue Flower are also infused with other aromas.