Solberg & Hansen takes office coffee seriously. We want to share fantastic taste experiences and aim to ensure that you and your colleagues get the best possible coffee at work, every day.

Good coffee is a daily pleasure and one of the most important ingredients for well-being in the workplace. As the country's leading coffee shop supplier, we bring quality and knowledge to the office desk. We have Norway's largest selection of freshly roasted quality coffee and brewing equipment tailored to your business. In addition, you can count on top-notch support from our office coffee specialists.

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Choose coffee from Solberg & Hansen at work

We offer premium coffee beans with the same quality as in a coffee shop. The coffee is purchased through direct trade according to sustainable principles. We help you with the right dosage and brewing for optimal taste, and can also assist with calibrating equipment regardless of whether it is supplied by us.

Our advice for office coffee equipment

If your business needs new equipment, we have a wide range of top-shelf machines.

As an office customer with us, we want you to really get to know specialty coffee and all the amazing coffee flavors the world has to offer by bringing out the best flavors in the coffee you choose.

Norway's largest selection of specialty coffee

In our coffee range, you can choose between classic coffee blends with a historical touch or world-class micro batches. We have both light and dark roasted coffees, and a selection of organic products if you prefer.

We're happy to help you find a coffee that suits your company's taste buds and put together a selection tailored to you and your office coffee machines.

For tea lovers, we offer a wide range of loose tea and a Solberg & Hansen tea box with different types of quality tea in pyramid bags.

Direct trade, sustainable principles

Coffee shouldn't just taste good. Being passionate about coffee is also about engaging with the people who grow it. By choosing coffee from Solberg & Hansen, you are helping to make a difference.

Direct trade is one of Solberg & Hansen's most important tasks. Buying quality coffee through direct trade gives coffee farmers the opportunity to develop their craft and take better care of themselves and their workers, because they get a better return.

By forging good relationships with our coffee farmers, we make room for long-term partnerships. Predictability and fair prices create security for entire communities. Together, we contribute to better welfare, social conditions and education for many people. It adds an extra dimension to the cups of coffee you drink every day, which is worth taking with you.

More than just good coffee

The coffee station at work is the natural gathering point and social oil of any business. Serving a good cup of coffee shows employees and customers that the company appreciates them.

It's easy to take office coffee to new heights, as long as you make a few well-considered choices on the way to the meter. Good raw materials, reliable machines and dependable service are key. Contact our office coffee expert Christian Rieder ( if you want a chat about coffee at your company.

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