Homemade iced tea is easy to make and perfect to serve. By making your own iced tea, you have control over the contents and you can add whatever flavorings you want to create your own twist. Our summer teas are caffeine-free fruit blends with natural ingredients and can be brewed without sugar. A great starting point for a great summer thirst quencher.

Recipe for iced fruit tea

For 1 liter of iced tea you will need
- 35 g fruit tea
- 6 dl freshly boiled water
- 400 g ice cubes

For 3 dl iced tea you will need
- 10 g fruit tea
- 2 dl freshly boiled water
- 100 g ice cubes

Brew the tea with freshly boiled water. Leave to steep for 8 minutes. Place the ice cubes in the desired serving cup or glass. Strain the tea over the ice cubes. Chill until serving or enjoy immediately.

If you want to sweeten the iced tea, you can add a little sugar to the tea before pouring the water. Try 20 g of sugar for 1 l of iced tea and 6 g of sugar for 3 dl of iced tea. A little honey can also be good if you don't use sugar.

The iced tea keeps for three days in a closed container in a refrigerator.

Cold brewed tea

Cold brew tea is easy with the Dripster Brew Jar, a glass container with a metal filter and lid. The tea is incredibly flavorful and juicy when brewed this way.

Use a fruit tea you like and calculate between 6-8 g of tea per dl of water. The amount depends on the type of tea and its components. Try it out, start with 6 g and adjust upwards if you think it needs more flavor.

Here's how to do it:
- fill the glass with 8 dl of fresh, cold water
- pour tea into the filter and place it in the glass container

Replace the filter slowly so that the water does not run over the edge.

- screw the lid on tightly
- give the glass container a little "shake" to make sure all the tea is moistened
- put it in the fridge overnight

Brewing time is 6-8 hours. When the brew is ready, remove the filter. Anything you don't drink straight away can be stored in the container in the fridge for several days. That way, you can always have homemade iced tea within reach.

Classic black tea iced tea

If you want an iced tea made from a pure black tea, this is a good basic recipe. For this one, we have used the Chinese tea Keemun as a starting point.

Recipe for 1 liter of iced tea:
- Brew 24 g of tea and 30 g of sugar with 6 dl of freshly boiled water.
- Let it steep for 3 minutes.
- Strain the brew over 400 g ice cubes in a serving cup.
- Serve the iced tea in glasses with ice cubes and garnish as desired.

The amount of sugar can be adjusted. The iced tea also tastes good with a little citrus.

Exciting variation possibilities

Iced fruit teas can be endlessly varied. You can add more of the flavor already present in the tea by, for example, serving a strawberry iced tea with fresh strawberries as a garnish, or adding some passion fruit and chili to a peach iced tea. Citrus is almost always suitable, or some fresh herbs such as lemon balm or mint. Some people also like to top their iced tea with soda water or use it as a base for other drinks.