With the chatter rules, NorgesEnergi wants to make it easier to talk to each other, preferably over a chatty cup of coffee.

The chatter rules were developed by NorgesEnergi employees in collaboration with Venke Knutson and Ingrid Remvik Leirvik from Skravlekopp. Together they wanted to get the conversation going in what is Norway's first certified Skravlekopp company.

NorgesEnergi became a certified Skravlekopp company in 2020 and works actively to ensure that all employees feel included. They have the Skravlekoppen easily accessible by the coffee machine and have also created a small chat corner to make it even easier to sit down for a chat.

The company launched the chatter rules in the summer of 2021, when the country was still affected by the ongoing corona pandemic and more and more people felt lonely.

- In Norway, we are familiar with both the Mountain Safety Rules and the Maritime Safety Rules, so we believe it was high time that we also put in place the Chattering Safety Rules," says Geir Arne Gundersen of NorgesEnergi.

The chatterbox rules

1. Remember that an action is worth a thousand words  

2. Say hello! It may mean more than you realize 

3. Show respect for the opinions of others  

4. Don't be afraid to care too much 

5. Listen more than you talk

6. Be present. Put your phone away 

7. Give a compliment - preferably a smile 

8. Your time is the best gift you can give someone 

What is Chatterbox?

Skravlekopp is a green cup that is placed together with the other cups and glasses at a hospitality venue. In the middle of the green cup is written Skravlekopp in white lettering.

The idea behind the cup is that when you order your drink and ask for it to be served in a Chattering Cup, you signal to the others in the room that you would like to talk to others while drinking it. A bit like an open invitation to a conversation. Whether you need it or offer it doesn't matter.

Chatterbox is something that many, if not all, can participate in. When municipalities, cafés and the man and woman in the street join forces, it is easier to go a long way towards a more generous society.

Become a Chatterbox café or Chatterbox municipality

Do you run a restaurant and want to contribute to more openness and warmth? Become a Skravlekopp café!

A Skravlekopp café is a café that wants to create an arena for conversations between people and help make society more inclusive. With the green cups on the shelf, you as a café are making an important contribution. By being on the list of Skravlekopp cafés, you are helping to create more conversations and more everyday joy.

You order the green chattering cups in the same way as you would order other equipment. You can also order your own marketing material that will help to highlight the concept and make it easier for you to explain and for your customers to use.

As a Skravlekopp municipality, you help to promote good cooperation between each municipality and various cafés and bakeries in the local community. When municipalities want to lead the way, it's easier for people to follow.

Click here to read more about becoming a Chatterbox café.

Click here to read more about becoming a Chatterbox municipality.

If you are already a corporate customer of Solberg & Hansen, you can order Skravlekopper here:

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