Hand brew, press pot, mocha pot or coffee maker? We give you some simple tips on how to brew the best possible coffee at home.

It should be easy to make good coffee on your own. Good coffee beans, fresh water and clean equipment go a long way. Many people have their favorite brewing method. Some swear by the same method day in and day out, while others switch it up.

It is a great advantage for the taste if the coffee you use is freshly ground. As a golden rule, we often recommend using 6 g of coffee per dl of water. All coffee beans, grinders, equipment and palates are different, so try out what you like best.

Remember to ask your local coffee retailer for brewing tips for the particular coffee you're buying. They often have valuable tips on how to get the best possible brew and, not least, what flavors you can expect.

Don't be afraid to try new types of coffee or brewing methods, and feel free to adjust the amount of coffee and method as you become familiar with it.

Enjoy your brewing, enjoy your coffee and good luck!

Coffee maker

Traktekaffe guide

Degree of grinding: filter ground.
Use 6-7 g of coffee per dl of water / 60-70 g per liter of water.

You need:
The amount of coffee + water you want
Coffee maker

1. Fill the water tank with fresh, cold water.
2. Place the filter in the filter holder. Rinse the filter with warm water to remove any papery taste.
3. Preheat the glass flask/pot in which the coffee is to be brewed.
4. Pour freshly ground coffee evenly into the filter holder.
5. Start the funnel.
6. Pour into a suitable jug/cup(s) as soon as the coffee is ready. Remember to rinse the flask/pot and filter holder well after use.

Pay close attention to cleaning the coffee maker and glass jug. Every time coffee is brewed, a thin layer of coffee oil forms on the inside. Pouring freshly brewed coffee into an unwashed pot will impair the good coffee taste. For cleaning, it is recommended to use a cleaning agent adapted to coffee equipment, as ordinary dishwashing detergent leaves greasy residues that can affect the taste.

Hand brew

Hand brew at home guide

Degree of grinding: filter ground.
Use 6 g of coffee per dl of water.

You will need:
Scale and timer
Brewing equipment for hand brewing

1. Moisten the filter in the filter holder and pour away excess water. Pour the coffee evenly into the filter holder.
2. Pour over a small amount of freshly boiled water so that all the coffee is moistened.
3. Let the coffee swell for 30 seconds.
4. Slowly pour in the rest of the water. Pour in a thin stream in a steady circular motion so that the water runs evenly through the coffee.
5. Extend the pouring time to about 1.5 minutes for a small brew and about 2.5 minutes for a large brew.

Small brewer: 15 g coffee, 250 g water
Large brewer: 30 g coffee, 500 g water


Aeropress brewing guide

Grinding degree: slightly finer than filter malt.

You will need:
16 g coffee
250 g water
Weight and timer
Aeropress equipment

1. Place the filter in the filter holder and screw it to the aeropress.
2. Place the aeropress on the cup you want to brew in and pour hot water through it to rinse the filter and preheat the cup.
3. Pour the water out of the cup.
4. Put the coffee in the aeropress.
5. Reset the weight and start the timer.
6. Pour in freshly boiled water.
7. Take the brewing equipment off the scale.
8. Attach the plunger by sliding it down at an angle and then pulling it up slightly to create a vacuum.
9. Let the coffee brew for 1 minute.
10. Remove the plunger and stir once.
11. Replace the plunger and press down. It should take about 20 seconds.

Press can

Press jug brewing guide

Grind: press jug grind (slightly coarser than filter grind).
Use 6-7 g of coffee per dl of water.

You need:
The amount of coffee + water you want
Press pot

1. Preheat the press pot with hot water. Pour out the water.
2. Put freshly ground coffee in the pot and pour in freshly boiled water.
3. Stir so that all the coffee is moistened.
4. Put the lid on with the plunger, but do not press it down.
5. Let the coffee steep for about 4 minutes.
6. Press down the plunger and serve immediately.

If you want a cleaner and sweeter brew, you can skim off the coffee when it has finished steeping before you press down the plunger. Use a spoon and push in the coffee crust. As the coffee grounds sink, a white foam will rise to the surface. Use the spoon to remove it. Replace the plunger and press down.

3-cup: 20 g coffee, 3 dl water
8-cup: 58 g coffee, 9 dl water
12-cup: 90 g coffee, 14 dl water

Mocha pot

Mocha pot home brew

Grind: fine grind (slightly coarser than espresso grind).

You will need:
Coffee, preferably espresso coffee
Mocha pot

1. The mocha pot can be divided into three parts, do this before you start brewing.
2. Preheat the brewing water.
3. Fill the lower chamber with the preheated water up to the overpressure valve.
4. Place the filter in the lower chamber.
5. Fill the filter holder with freshly ground coffee. Do not press the coffee down. Gently brush off excess coffee with the flat side of a knife or finger.
6. Screw the top and bottom together, place the pot on the stove and bring to the boil.
7. When espresso starts to bubble up in the top chamber, turn down the heat and wait for it to finish before pulling it aside.