Solberg & Hansen has a new logo, a new visual identity and, not least, a completely new design for the coffee packaging. The aim has been to create a stronger story around our coffee and share our knowledge about the raw material, origin, taste and sustainability. We know that quality is linked to, and brings with it, viable agriculture with care for people and nature, and that it helps to leave a mark that has an impact. We hope to communicate this through design, storytelling and of course - the world's best flavors.

Backed by history

Since 1879, Solberg & Hansen has worked to find the world's best raw materials and process them into finished products that promote quality and taste in the best possible way. All this experience has given us unique expertise.

The way we buy coffee, direct trade, is one of the best ways to buy sustainable coffee. Through travel, we have built relationships with coffee farmers and suppliers all over the world, and the stories behind our products are unique.

By using the best of old craftsmanship and the best of new technology in our Roastery at Ryen in Oslo, we have proven that we deliver high quality and the same great taste, over time.

For quality-conscious coffee drinkers

As we enter the fall of 2020, it's time to reinforce what Solberg & Hansen stands for. Much has happened in the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of specialty coffee in Norway over the past decade.

Coffee shops have long since established themselves as a beloved everyday pleasure for many, and the fact that Norwegians are one of the world's most coffee-drinking people is a truth without modification. Quality is still very high when it comes to our daily cup of coffee, and we're happy about that. At the same time, knowledge and curiosity among consumers is growing. We want to share even more of what we've learned about coffee over 140 years as a coffee buyer and roaster.

Knowledge about the origin of coffee

Our customers are among the world's most quality-conscious coffee drinkers, so we wanted to update our graphic expression and the way we tell our stories through design, text and packaging. We wanted to share more knowledge about our products and provide clearer navigation of our rich selection.

We know that every coffee bean has a story. About the nature and the land they come from. About the families who grow them. About how they are hand-picked and dried. And how they are processed by dedicated professionals. With knowledge of the origins in focus, we have therefore drawn inspiration from our tradition, craftsmanship, travels and the flavours we surround ourselves with, for the new visualization of our coffee range.

Direct trade provides sustainability

Coffee should not only taste good, it should do good. Direct trade is one of our most important tasks and applies to all our coffee purchases. Our buyers hunt around the world for the best coffee, and visit every country we buy coffee from. Several of our coffee names have a long history with us, and when we meet new, dedicated coffee farmers, it is a pleasure when their coffee meets our quality requirements.

By forging good relationships with our coffee farmers, we make room for long-term partnerships. Predictability and fair prices create security for entire communities. We contribute to better welfare, social conditions and schooling for many people. It adds an extra dimension to the cups of coffee we drink every day, which is worth taking with us.

Experience the world's coffee flavors

When the coffee arrives at our Roastery at Ryen, our expert team at the roastery tailor their own roast profiles to each coffee, so that each coffee's flavor potential is fully exploited. In this way, we see the story of the coffee bean emerge in the cup, bringing out its best flavor.

Where we know what makes a coffee good, you know best what you like. Coffee offers a multitude of flavors, and there's a whole world to explore. No matter what you like, or if you like a little bit of everything, all our coffees have one thing in common: they're specially selected from the best growing areas in the world.

The big picture

Focusing on the big picture has made us coffee pioneers, both in Norway and internationally. We have learned that we will never be unlearned. Nor do we want to be. Our driving force is to constantly discover new ways to bring you the world's best coffee, and we hope you like our new design.